Please Support Our December Campaign

Once again, we invite you to be part of the Inner CIty Ensemble’s Friends & Family by participating in our December campaign. For decades, the Company has inspired hundreds of young people to embrace the arts as we help to develop young artists, while increasing audiences of dance and theatre lovers. Without our commitment of spreading the arts education within the City of Paterson, and beyond, many under-resourced youth and under-served adults would not have access to cultural equity or participation in the arts. It’s our mission to offer cost-free classes, and low-cost events and performances.

Even greater, is our passion to explore and represent social justice and justice, immigration and identity and belonging as part of our work. In 2024, we are excited to present the new dance-theatre work, Sanctuary, by the Ensemble’s Artistic Director, Nicholas Rodriguez, set on a cast of intergenerational alumni.  

“This is the most comprehensive project we’ve done in a decade because we are teaching children in Spanish and English via our Dual Arts Language Project, alumni are returning to perform and serve as role-models for local youth, and the theme of immigration as seen through an arts lens, is profound and urgent in today’s social and political climate. We need support to bring our work to more communities.” 

 Nicholas Rodriguez 

Join us in 2024 to continue our worthy mission for youth within our communities so our legacy of creativity and self-expression can stay alive and thrive!

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