Executive director Nicholas Rodriguez leading a group of students during a dance-workshop for the Ensemble's dual-language program in Paterson.

With Gratitude from the Ensemble

Thank you for your generous gift during Giving Tuesday! We are grateful for this ongoing support that has positively benefited so many children and teenagers in our community; so far in 2023, we have served close to one hundred 3rd to 5th graders at the Full Service Community School # 15 in Paterson, NJ!  Our cost-free training uses dance and theater as healing arts modalities via classes taught in Spanish and English.

Our non-profit, the Inner City Ensemble has promoted arts and culture in Paterson for 50 years. We have reached students and audiences who do not normally have access to the performing arts. And we have witnessed how the arts opened doors for our participants as they begin navigating through their lives.  If you haven’t already donated, please support us during this Holiday Season, so we can continue our community outreach locally and throughout New Jersey.

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